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Transfer Security is the meeting place for everyone working in the security market. As a self-employed or employer you can quickly and easily find new opportunities for Education, Assignments, Personnel and Recruitment.

We ensure that the staff recruited from us has the adequate formal education. We offer time-saving and cost-effective security solutions which we tailor to your specific security requirements. We can also assist with education in surveillance and aviation security, both for you as a private person and company.

When you create your profile, either as Self-employed or Employer in our security segment, it will not be displayed publicly.

Welcome to an exciting industry!



We currently offer the following:



For self-employed with education/training granted by Polismyndigheten, there are great opportunities to find exciting assignments, short or long term. You can focus on the assignment; Transfer manages all administration such as invoicing, tax payment and salary payment.



Recruitment and Education – Aviation security

Together with our partners, we can offer a comprehensive package that includes both education and recruitment in cargo, catering, airport controls etc. For those of you, who are interested in working in aviation security, contact us to see if you meet the regulatory requirements. Along with Svea Ekonomi, we can offer you a financing proposal for training.

For more details on our tailor-made solutions; contact us via sakerhet@transfer.se.  We will help you quickly and easily resolve your needs!




Recruitment surveillance

Transfer has through its experienced staff and extensive network a unique opportunity to assist with recruitment in surveillance. Based on the needs and specification, we will find the best match from our confidential customer base.