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About us
Transfer Service Group AB is the meeting place for the active self-employed and for employers.
We offer an opportunity for companies to find personnel and for individuals to find jobs, targeting the healthcare, service and security sectors.

Our vision is to become the market leader for job related services.

Business goals
To change and digitalize the entire job market, and to create added value for our customers and owners.

Business concept
Transfer offer services for recruitment, education and staffing inside the healthcare, service and security sectors.

Business model
Transfer are specializing in recruitment, staffing and training where our clients have special requirements, such as working in regulated areas, following the rules and regulations of the administrative authorities.

Quality & security
Transfer har started the process of implementing a quality management system according to ISO 9001, and of implementing the ISO 14000 enviromental management system.
We follow the GDPR directive to protect the personal integrity of our customers, partners and employees.

Business areas
Transfer are operating in the healthcare, service and security sectors.