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Raytelligence signs a retail agreement with Transfer Service Group

Raytelligence signs a retail agreement with Transfer Service Group. “Through this agreement, we will be able to offer our solutions to a new customer segment” says Per-Arne Viberg, Managing Director Raytelligence. “Having access to Raytelligence’s unique solutions for healthcare and security will be an important additional product to offer our customers” says Christoffer Bylock, Managing … Read more

VivBon and Transfer Service Group

VivBon has been acquired by Transfer Service Group AB. VivBons total solution for services and care of elderly will now be expanded to cover the entire Greater Stockholm and other major cities. Also included in the new grouping are Doktorhemma and a health center. For more information, please contact: Christoffer Bylock Vice VD Transfer Service … Read more

Transfer Säkerhet welcomes Fredrik Sköldefors

From 2019-04-01, Fredrik Sköldefors assumes the position of education manager. This is yet another step for Transfer in the expansion of our services. Fredrik has many years of experience from both the police and the private security business.

DoktorHemma is now a member of Svenska Vård

Transfer’s subsidiary DoktorHemma has now become a member of the trade association Svenska Vård. Svenska Vård is an association for independent Health Care providers. More information about Svenska Vård can be found on their website: http://www.svenskavard.se

Christoffer Bylock takes up office as Vice President of Transfer Service Group AB

Christoffer Bylock takes up office as the Vice President of Transfer Service Group AB. Christoffer is 43 years old and lives in Stockholm city. He is a multi-entrepreneur who has founded and managed companies in the IT, Digital Marketing and Service sectors. Christoffer is the person behind the successful service companies Nannyakuten and VivBon Senior … Read more

We become Transfer Service Group AB

As a step in our business plan we have changed the company name to Transfer Service Group AB. This was done to better represent our core business, i.e. to own, build and manage companies in the service and health care sectors.

3% Campaign

Transfer Service is currently doing a campaign where we offer self employed persons a reduced fee of only 3%. Transfer handles all administration such as invoicing, salary payment, insurance and taxes, for which we charge an administrative fee of 3%. You will find our campaign in several social media. Register at www.transfer.se and create your … Read more

Transfer is moving to a new office

We are excited to announce that during the end of the year, Transfer will be moving to a new location, Vendevägen 90 in Danderyd. As a consequence of our expansion plans, we have made the decision to leave our current office in Solna and move in to a larger office. You are welcome to visit … Read more

Transfer Security becomes its own company

In January 2019, Transfer Security will become a separate company, Transfer Säkerhet AB. Transfer Security offers recruitment services and training in co-operation with authorized partners. Our customers are authorized security companies. Are you a security company in search of personnel? Don’t hesitate to contact us for an offer or a cooperation agreement. Contact Hampus Holmberg … Read more

Transfer Jobb AB acquires Doktor Hemma i Stockholm AB

Transfer Jobb AB has acquired all shares in the healtcare company Doktor Hemma i Stockholm AB. Doktor Hemma offers medical services for companies and individuals. Doktor Hemma will work in close cooperation with Transfer Vård, who are focusing on staffing and recruitment in the healthcare sector. If you are searching for healtcare personnel or are … Read more