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This framework agreement (“framework agreement”) governs the terms of employment contracts.

Transfer provides personnel for hire in shorter assignments, through matching Staff against the Clients requests via the Platform. This Framework Agreement regulates the general terms and conditions of the worker’s employment with Transfer.



Terms and conditions -Transfers from time to time applicable terms and conditions of use of Transfers services (published on www.transfer.se).

Employment -Transfer’s general workers for certain fixed-term Assignments

Employee or worker – Person hired by an employment

Agreement – Agreement between employee and Transfer regarding certain Assignments. The agreement consists of the confirmation of employment, this framework agreement and the general terms and conditions.

Clients -Transfers Client’s

Home page – www.transfer.se

Staff – The persons who registered their profile on the platform and are available for the specific assignment

Platform – The homepage and related features and applications

Parties – The Employee and Transfer

Project-the project that the customer would be staffed

Transfer – Transfer Jobb AB, 556921-8687

Assignment – The Client’s assignment to Transfer to staff certain project



By registering on the platform the employee accepts this framework agreement. Deviations from the framework agreement must be agreed in writing between the parties.



4.1. The employee must register their profile on the platform to take Assignments. The employee is responsible for ensuring that the information submitted is correct.

4.2. The employee agrees to manage usernames and passwords so that no unauthorized person can gain access to this information. The employee shall immediately notify Transfer if the suspicion exists that any unauthorised person has gained access to the username and/or password.

4.3. Employees can be held responsible for loss and damage suffered by Transfer or anyone else as a result of employees using the platform in a manner contrary to this framework agreement or as a result of any other fault action.

4.4. Transfer reserves the right, without prior warning, to suspend an employee from the platform and cancel the current Assignment on suspicion of improper use or if employees provided false information about himself, in essence violated this agreement or engaged or reasonably believed to have engaged in criminal activities that are relevant to the employment or may damage Transfer’s relationship with the Client.



5.1 For each assignment to be staffed Transfer and the employee agrees to a contract, whereby an employment occurs. There is no employment relationship between the Employee and the Client.

5.2. In addition to the general terms and conditions and to this framework agreement, the agreement consists of the employment confirmation. The Employment confirmation is unique for each assignment and shall contain:
-Information on the employee
-Information about the Client
-Details of the work to be carried out
-Working hours and location of the employment
-Compensation for work and paying of compensation
-Specific conditions for the Assignment

5.3. Every Employment agreement refers to a separate Employment. Unless otherwise agreed between Transfer and the Employee, there is no employment relationship between the different jobs and the time between the employment is not counted as employment.

5.4. The employee has no obligation to accept offers of employment and can decline offers each time. The working obligation exists only when there is an agreement and the Employment confirmation is created.



6.1. The Employee must carry out the assignment in accordance with the confirmation of Employment, and otherwise in accordance with Transfer’s and the Client’s other instructions, other work rules and other conditions.

6.2. Notification of absences due to illness or other things shall be provided to both Transfer and the Client.

6.3. The Employee is responsible towards the client that the work carried out within the framework of the assignment, is carried out in a professional manner and with the quality the Client can reasonably expect. The Employee agrees to keep himself informed of and comply with applicable legislation and other rules and regulations of the relevant authorities and professional associations. The employee is also responsible for ensuring that, at his own expense, rectify the errors and omissions in the manner and to the extent the terms of the contract and applicable laws and regulations. In the event that the Client submits a not unfounded request for rectification against Transfer, Transfer has the right to choose either to carry out remediation at the Employee’s expense or request that the Employee performs and pays for such remedies.



7.1. Subject to the Employment agreement, the Employment termination expires on the date specified as the last day of employment date in the Employment confirmation, or as otherwise agreed in writing between the Parties.

7.2. The Employee understands that during the Employment, he/she may be subject to changes, terminations and restrictions on and in the Assignment, other work, other working hours and/or other workplaces than agreed on the Employment confirmation.

7.3. Transfer has the right to cancel the employment on the basis of objective reasons (lack of work or personal reasons). Upon termination period of notice is one month, or the short time left to the employment’s expiration.

7.4. If the circumstance referred to in paragraph 4.4 is present, Employees can be fired. The same applies if the Employee in another way submitted incorrect information or do not have the knowledge or capacity to carry out the duties he or she is hired to carry out. Upon resignation, the Employment will be canceled immediately.

7.5. If Employment is terminated prematurely any salary to the Employee shall not exceed the time of the Assignment. Employees may out of pay for the part that the Assignment has not been carried out.

7.6. Upon termination of Employment, the Employee shall promptly return any keys, service certificates (ID card) and another extradited equipment to the Client. Transfer has the right to withhold salaries and other remuneration until so happened.



8.1 The Employee is free to notwithstanding the employment to perform work for other employers or clients as long as this does not prejudice the employment.

8.2. The Employee is obliged to inform Transfer if he gets an employment offer from the Client.



9.1. Wages, in which vacation pay is included unless otherwise indicated, is stated in the Employment Confirmation.

9.2. Salary is paid within 5 working days after the invoice has been paid by the Client. The Employee shall deliver the completed time sheet as soon as possible and be responsible for its accuracy.

9.3. Deductions from pay and vacation pay can be made for regular deductions, for deductions in advance established by written agreement and for the remaining salary and travel advances. If an error has been made on a payment day regarding compensation, necessary adjustment can be made in upcoming payments.



Employees must not disclose data to third parties of the employment nor of the Client that the Client on reasonable grounds may be expected to want to keep secret. The same applies to personal data to which the Employee can come in contact with during the course of the employment. This duty of confidentiality applies without limitation in time. Breach of confidentiality is to be regarded as a serious breach of the loyalty of the employment relationship and may lead to dismissal, liability and criminal responsibility.



11.1. Through registration on the platform the Employee accepts that Transfer collects and processes personal data as described below. Transfer is personally responsible for processing personal data.

11.2. Transfer collects and processes personal data in accordance with the provisions of the personal data Act (1998:204). Such data includes information that the Employee provides to Transfer upon registration on the platform, by phone, email or letter or other contacts with Transfer, such as name, social security number, address, email, phone number and bank account number. Also known as non-personally identifiable information (such as search history on the website or the information on the browser/operating system to which the employee uses) are collected.

11.3. Personal data are processed by Transfer for accounting purposes, marketing, evaluation and improvement of technological solutions and processes, statistical, identification, and for similar reasons. The information may also be used to improve the platform in order to better provide you with offers and services that are of interest to Clients and Staff.

11.4. Personal information is not retained longer than is allowed under the personal data Act. Once a year, the person who provided personal data have the right to receive, free of charge, upon written request, information about the personal data Transfer has on the person. The personal information may request Transfer to correct any incorrect personal information at no cost to the person in question.

11.5. If all or part Transfer’s business is transferred or integrated with another business, personal data may be disclosed to a potential buyer and his advisors.

11.6. Biscuits (cookies) are small text files with data that is stored on the visitor’s computer and is created by the sites visited in order to give visitors access to various functions. If the Employee does not accept the use of cookies, he may set their browser’s security settings so that he or she either does not accept any cookies at all or receive a prompt each time a website attempts to place a cookie on his computer. In the browser previously stored cookies can also be deleted. For more information, see your browser’s help pages.

11.7. Third-party providers, such as Google and Facebook, can show ads to Transfer, e.g., search on www.google.se and on the home pages on the Internet. Third-party vendors, including Google, use cookies to serve ads based on a user’s prior visits to the site. Transfer is not responsible for the collection of such personal data for information purposes but may announce that it is generally possible to delete in addition to the use of cookies by selecting the “opt-out” of these.



Transfer uses the contact information the Client provided on registration or subsequently changed in the prescribed manner. Employees are therefore required to keep their contact details up to date.



Swedish law applies to the contract, and this framework agreement. Any dispute which cannot be settled by negotiation between the Parties shall be resolved in accordance with the Act on litigation in the workplace.


Last updated: 2017-02-07