Commuter Security Group (CSG)

CSG – Commuter Security Group

CSG is an authorised security company authorised by the County Administrative Board with security and security services. We are active in the transport sector, trade and other public environments. Our vision is that “CSG should be the first choice to create security in public environments and protect people and property”

Amigo Alarm

Amigo is a professional security company that develops simple, affordable and innovative alarm products. Amigo offers everything from OEM-manufacturing of special alarms to complete security solutions to a fixed price. Amigo’s alarms can be used in all countries with modern cellular networks.


Skotas offers a safe and secure transport service with a high level of service where you can choose between three different levels: business, executive and dignitary. Our chauffeurs have a security education with focus on the highest level of service and safety. With Skotas you can travel securely all over the world and you can easily book your trip through our secure app.

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