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Investment Vision

Transfer Group is a concern of service companies which are built on our core values Care and Security. They are crucial for society and relevant for the future, both nationally and globally. Our goal is to create a safer future for everyone - both private persons and companies.


With an aging population the demand for senior services is growing. The private sector in care and healthcare has over the past decade expanded tremendously and is expected to continue to grow unabatedly. Transfer Group has chosen to help their customers in and around the home. We have developed family services for families with children and seniors and also healthcare at home for both private persons and companies.


Security has never been as relevant as it is today and therefore Transfer Group has chosen to go into the security business. We are offering a secure transport service and we are selling our innovative alarm products & security educations in order to deliver a safe future - for both companies and private persons all over the world.

Transfer Group is growing steadily and building companies for the future. We are a bunch of entrepreneurs who are passionate about what we do and believe in.

A modern concern that meets the challenges of tomorrow

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