Investing in Transfer Group

Transfer Group is working with services that contribute to public welfare and creates value for the single individual. Security and care are subjects that everyone can relate to and they have a huge influence on society. Our primary target group is growing, where more and more elderly persons and stressed families with kids need our services. The competition with serious actors is next to non-existent.

We are unique in our concept and vision

Transfer is a platform for companies in security and care which has the right conditions for development, modernization and efficiency, while also creating economy of scale benefits within the group. The companies complement and strengthen each other and give our customers care and security.

Our wide span of competences is our main asset, an asset that has been strengthened with the acquisition of several new companies. We are a mix of young and old experienced entrepreneurs and managers – a breadth that creates energy and unique visions.

In the last year, we have identified the need to acquire new companies in our business sectors to be able to ensure credibility, quality and a continuing growth and profitability. The board aims to increase the value and profitability of the company in preparation for a stock exchange listing in 2020.

Transfer Group AB holds the keys to a safer and more secure future!