We are building a future in care and security

Transfer Group is a concern of service companies which completes each other and creates synergy. Our customers should feel safe and have time left over for what really matters.

Our team is our most important resource. Transfer Group consists of several companies where the employees have different skills and roles. We are a team with a common goal where development, creativity and new ideas are encouraged and supported. Our team is motivated by seeking opportunities and new challenges.

Our coworkers come from different backgrounds with experience in IT, service, security and healthcare. With curiosity and an enterprising spirit, we are uniting technology with social issues and building a modern concern that can meet the challenges of tomorrow.


Group Structure

Stakeholder value

Transfer Group works with services that contribute to public welfare and creates value for the single individual. For a safer future.

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Work @ Transfer Group

Here you will find continuous change. Development, creativity and new ideas are appreciated and encouraged. Welcome to us!