Registrera dig som en ny användare




1. Create an account to become a user

Click on Create account, sign up as an employer and fill in all fields. Click on the activation link sent to your registered email address (sometimes you will find the link in the junk mail if you haven’t received it to your e-mail address) to activate your account. You will then log in with your email address along with the password you choose.

2. Edit your company profile

Fill in your contact details,  add a company description and upload your company logo. Your business information is necessary for the continuation of the application process.

3. Create a job ad

Create a new assignment by filling in all the fields. Fill in as much information as possible, with a job description including all the requirements for the best possible match and for an efficient application process.

4. Applications & Inquiries

When a self-employed is applying for the assignment or sends a request, you will receive a notification in the portal and on the email address you entered. Together with the self-employed, you will agree on the price and scope of the work via our messaging function in the portal. Thereafter, both parties agree to a contract, and the assignment is ready to be carried out.

5. Billing

Once the assignment is completed, an invoice form will be sent to you, as you can see under Billing. There you approve the invoice amount. We ensure that all administration is in order and take care of the entire invoice process for the self-employed. We will then send the invoice to you with a 10-day payment term, unless otherwise is agreed.