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Find personnel for short or long term assignments

When you post an assignment as an employer, the job is matched directly to self-employed that match the qualifications and skills you have specified. You can also search manually among our self-employed using different search criteria and contact them directly. Transfer can also help you find the right person based on a job description and your needs.

Together with the self-employed, you will agree on the terms and conditions of the assignment and the compensation. A digital agreement, where both parties agree to the terms and conditions, will be generated and digitally signed. When the assignment is completed, you will receive an invoice from us.



Transfer handles taxes, social security, insurance and payroll. By handing over the process to Transfer, you minimize administration and save time. You get a quick, direct contact with persons with the right skills set and you do not have to manage employment and administration.

When the self-employed has completed the assignment we will send an invoice to you according to the agreed terms of payment. Invoice always refers to invoice amount plus social fees (31.42 %). When you have paid the invoice, the salary will be paid out to the self-employed.


Find self-employed or create assignments here.