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Invoice without your own company or find new assignments

Together with the employers, you will agree on the terms and conditions of the assignment and the compensation. A digital agreement, where both parties agree to the terms and conditions, will be generated and digitally signed. When the assignment is completed, you create an invoice on My pages which is sent digitally to the employer. With the help of the calculator, you can easily see how much of the invoice amount your net salary is after taxes and fees. You can use the calculator to see how much you need to invoice to get a certain salary.

If you have chosen to only invoice via Transfer, you should prior to starting the assignment submit the details to ensure that you are properly insured when performing your assignment.



Transfer handles all administration such as invoicing, salary payment, insurance and taxes. Our administrative fee is 3% of the invoice amount excluding VAT.

Once you have carried out your assignment you can easily create your invoice on My pages. Fill in the company name and address, reference, number of hours or days worked, as well as the invoice amount and any expenses you incurred in connection with the assignment. If the invoice is attached to an assignment the employer’s data will be filled in automatically.

Once your invoice has been approved and paid, your salary will be put into your bank account.

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