Registrera dig som en ny användare

Vacation times!

And here comes the long-awaited vacation. Time to relax, time with loved ones, time for your hobby or time for a lot of must-do’s? Researchers at the stress Research Institute at Stockholm answers more closely on how to best avoid stress associated with the vacation.


  The desire to integrate job and private life suggests that it becomes more important to do something meaningful with our time. Today, we work even more cross-border when it comes to integrity at work. The person you are private also reflects who you are at work to a greater extent today. This means that your interests and concerns … Read more

Development work at Transfer.se

Right now, we are working to improve the user experience here at Transfer.se. We are currently working with design improvements, improving some features and creating new features. Due to this work you may experience some bugs. Your feedback is very important for us and for our continuous efforts to develop Transfer.se. If you have suggestions for … Read more

Internship is important!

Guest post Shanti, intern PRAO-Practical Working Life Orientation I’m in eighth grade in elementary school and have practiced the past two weeks in two different work places, Transfer Job and Filippa K. I had never done anything like this and was very nervous. I didn’t expect more than helping out with a little paper work. But I … Read more

New year – new job?

It is time to begin the year with your promise of changing job? It may seem like a difficult task associated with anxiety. A good start would be to look at your own timeline. How has your job pattern looked like? Has it been related to your interests or mainly for practical reasons?By thinking about these questions, you … Read more

Practical knowledge should be in focus

  We are in a time where there is a lack of people with skills in practical occupations. This applies particularly in health care, construction and exports. There is also a trend where fewer high school students are seeking to practical programs and the number is now down to 25 percent, and out of these nearly half choose the the health – … Read more

Are you a conflict creator?

We spend a lot of time at work together with our co workers. It is inevitable that conflicts arise between people at work. It can of course be conflicts of different character, people who do not pull smoothly, an open conflict or an unwillingness to cooperate. There may also be a reluctance to actually agree where we deliberately choose a … Read more

Student employment contracts?

  Student employee contracts is a flexible form of employment on a part-time basis to benefit the student as well as the employer. The agreement means that students at a theoretical university program can get a part time employment at maximum 15 hours a week in their own professional field. For the students, it means an opportunity to gain … Read more

Culture clash or attitude problem?

  In a recent report called “it’s the attitude, stupid” the Organization Entrepreneurs describes that young swedish have a poor work ethic and that it hampers recruitment. There is definitely a problem in the labour market. Labour shortage and unemployment coexistist as a result of difficulties for companies to find people with the right skills. The problem is particularly obvious … Read more