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As a self-employed at Transfer you can focus on what you do best, and we will help you find new assignments. You can feel safe that the administration gets done and you can spend your time on the job!


Find personnel as an employer at Transfer, it's easy to find personnel for both short and long-term assignments. Save time and minimize administration by entrusting the job to Transfer.



At Transfer Jobb, you will find assignments and personnel in many professional fields. We also offer specific sectors on a needs basis.


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Transfer Jobb is the meeting place for everyone looking for assignments or personnel. Transfer Jobb offers assignments within hotel and restaurant, administration, cleaning services, beauty care, sales, car service, roofing work.

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Transfer Security provides a meeting place where the operators in the security market quickly and easily can find new opportunities for Education, Assignments, Personnel and Recruitment. Profiles for Self-employed and Employers in our security segment will not be displayed publicly.

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Here you can easily calculate the amount of invoiced amount given in the net salary after tax and social fees including and excluding VAT.
Transfer takes care of all administration!

Invoiced amount excl. VAT

Invoiced amount incl. VAT

25,000 SEK
(Moms = 6 250 SEK)

Net salary
(incl. Holiday allowance)

9,700 SEK

Gross salary
(incl. Holiday allowance)

22,500 SEK
Tax deduction - 3 860 SEK
Fee to Transfer Jobb (5%) - 890 SEK
”If you are interested in fashion and design – contact me!
”If you are interested in fashion and design – contact me!"

"I need help from girls and guys with a passion for sewing. At peak periods it is rewarding to be able to provide jobs to young people.

Then it is very good to have contact with Transfer, they are reputable and safe for both clients and consultants. "

I also have a huge network of young people who are talented, energetic and want to work. They want to stand on their own feet and get into adult life! I know both economists and computer scientist who need work experience. For them, Transfer is a great opportunity.

Jenny Lepp, Fashion designer, seamstress and CEO for JSL Fashion

"The hair dressing business is hard, self employment makes it easier"

My studio bills me for the hours that I use their chair, I don't have to spend time on accounting. I want to be in control of my own work, but still be safe and secure.


"Having a Transfer account gives me the time I need to work with my clients"

As a DJ, I'm always looking for new jobs. Having a Transfer account gives me the time I need to work with my clients, helping people with music and parties. It's a good combination that suits me.

Sean Dadeo, ”Black Mamba”, DJ & Music creator

"Help that relieves our employees"

"Transfer relieves the workload during peak periods. They make it easier for our employees and provides us with assistance, for instance at cleaning and demolition work.

I like that Transfer handles all the administration such as invoicing and insurances. It makes it easier for all parties.

Transfers can create structure and help our regular staff."

Patrik Vestlund, Buildningcontractor and CEO, Constella Bygg AB