Registrera dig som en ny användare



The desire to integrate job and private life suggests that it becomes more important to do something meaningful with our time. Today, we work even more cross-border when it comes to integrity at work. The person you are private also reflects who you are at work to a greater extent today. This means that your interests and concerns control how and who you work for.

Previously, the starting point was to adapt the private life after work. Today, it’s rather our privacy that controls how we handle our job. We can increasingly work whenever and wherever we want. To be able to work flexible is almost a basic requirement today when the perception of the world of work has changed. The most important thing is whether we can deliver and that we meet the stated goals.

This also means that the climate is getting tougher as the tempo increases and the own achievement becomes even more crucial rather than the collective effort. This places even greater demands on employers when the individual has the opportunity to grow faster and work more efficiently. Finding a balance is, however, crucial for a sustainable work environment where the individual is just the individual. Flexibility is not equal to the satisfaction to all. Sometimes you are also allowed to bet satisfied.