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What should I consider when I invoice?

By using our salary calculator, you can easily see how much the invoiced amount generates in net pay after tax deductions. When you work as an employee at Transfer, you create an invoice after you accomplished an assignment and the client approves the invoice base. Transfer handles all administration of social fees, taxes and payroll.


What does social fees mean?

In addition to salary, the employer pays statutory social fees. The social fees consist of employer contributions as well as contractual insurance. The statutory employer contributions are in total 31.42% of your gross salary. The social fees are always included in the hourly rate for the assignment to be carried out. You and the client agree otherwise.


Example 1

Let’s say you apply to an assignment at Transfer.se where the client specified a compensation of 170:-/hour as in the example in the salary calculator. The social fees are included (31, 42%).This means that your gross pay is 123:-/hour after that Transfer’s fee of 5% (9 sek) have been deducted.