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Internship is important!

Guest post Shanti, intern

PRAO-Practical Working Life Orientation

I’m in eighth grade in elementary school and have practiced the past two weeks in two different work places, Transfer Job and Filippa K. I had never done anything like this and was very nervous. I didn’t expect more than helping out with a little paper work. But I got to do a lot more fun things that I got to try out and I learned a lot from the big contrasts between the two jobs and, not least, the contrast from the school environment. I’m glad I chose two very  different workplaces for my internship. I got an insight of how different it looks at different jobs and how to work in different ways.

I had to do everything from folding clothes, standing in the warehouse and sort clothes, go errands like shopping milk and cleaning tools, go on client meetings, sit at a weekly meeting, participate at client calls, provide feedback to their website etc.

I learned that  you need to take responsibility and always be on time no matter where your workplace is. I also discovered that you are independent in a completely different way than you are at school. At the workplace, there is no teacher there to make sure that you do it right, or tell you how to do things. At a workplace, it is up to you how good and efficiently you work.

I really think that my internship has given a lot that  I will bring with me until it’s time for me to work, it has also given me a real picture of what it looks like at workplaces  today. I think that interships are important and a fun experience that all schools should have for educational purposes, you learn an awful lot in a short time. I also think it is important to spend some time to find interships at workplaces that makes you curious about or where you would enjoy working at. I think it is super important for the young to have internshisp to learn about what you like and what you don’t like in order to reduce the risk of regrating the work and training you have chosen.