Registrera dig som en ny användare

New year – new job?

It is time to begin the year with your promise of changing job? It may seem like a difficult task associated with anxiety. A good start would be to look at your own timeline. How has your job pattern looked like? Has it been related to your interests or mainly for practical reasons?

By thinking about these questions, you can get a picture of when you enjoyed work and what gives you energy. It is important to understand what it is that makes you want to change jobs so that you know what you want out of a job.

It’s also likley that we sometimes loose perspective on the job. The feeling of not thriving at your the workplace may also be related to your work duties. It is therefore useful to take your time and think about these questions so that you can carry out the work that meets your expectations and knowledge. Sometimes, it is necessary to have some experience to be able to answer these questions. For this reason, a career change could be the answer.