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Culture clash or attitude problem?


In a recent report called “it’s the attitude, stupid” the Organization Entrepreneurs describes that young swedish have a poor work ethic and that it hampers recruitment. There is definitely a problem in the labour market. Labour shortage and unemployment coexistist as a result of difficulties for companies to find people with the right skills. The problem is particularly obvious at small companies where the result shows that only half of the companies that want to hire have a succesfull recruitment. The majority of employers describes that difficulty in finding personnel has become a matter of attitudes rather than competence. Employers feel that many applicants do not pass the basic demands and has a lack of work ethic.

This is a perennial question which, of course, there is multiple perspectives. One is that there is a clash over generations rather than young people have poor work ethic as Rasmus Canbäck writes in his response to the debate “work ethic”. The young generation today have other demands on employers and question the older generation’s ‘ ways to do things, just like the younger generation will be questioned by people who have been working a long time. A greater focus should instead be on the older and the younger generation completing each other and use each other’s resources to create a more dynamic labour market. The younger generation has also grownn up in the IT age, where the tempo is high and the trend is continuing. Rapid changes and efficiency is therefore nothing strange.