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Are you a conflict creator?

We spend a lot of time at work together with our co workers. It is inevitable that conflicts arise between people at work. It can of course be conflicts of different character, people who do not pull smoothly, an open conflict or an unwillingness to cooperate. There may also be a reluctance to actually agree where we deliberately choose a particular type of communication. In this column , we can instead read about how conflicts at work is maintained and take note of the following tips:

Escalating a conflict.

    1. Always speak and interrupt others. Strive for a monologue. When the other speaks, prepare what to say so you’re always. Listen in as little as you can. Talk with much higher voice than normal and if it does not help – screams
    1. Pretend like nothing and the problem will disappear by itself. To avoid eye contact may also be good, even when you are talking to the person you are having a dispute with.
    1. Slandering and gossiping around as much as you can and try to gain allies that way. Then refer to these and say that “everyone else agrees and thinks you do”. Even if it’s not true, keep lying.
    1. Stick firmly onto your “principles”regardless of what the other person has as arguments. Stick to the facts and science even when it’s about emotions. Dismiss everything else as “subjective”.
    1. Show clearly with your body language that you are not open for communication. Alternatively, you choose to make yourself seem intimidating. Study those who are proficient in power language and copy them.
    1. Bring up old disputes over and over again. It doesn’t even matter how long ago it was and that everyone believed that the conflict was over.
    1. Always blame someone else. Nothing bad that happened is ever your own responsibility and remember never to give in on this point. Moreover, you have the right to have the right in all situations.